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Cole and Erin

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our new house in Nebraska.

As you walk in the front door, you enter the family room which opens up into the dining room area.

Photo taken from the dining room looking back towards in the family room and front door.

The kitchen is split into two sides.... this is the left side....
And this is the right.

The upstairs bathroom
The second bedroom / office
The dining room has a door that opens up and leads to the top level of the house. The only upstairs is a bedroom and lots of storage closets.
This is our mud-room in the back of the house. It has a door that leads to where we park our cars and to the garage.
This is our basement in all its glory! It's not too beautiful, but it's a basement.
The basement is split into two areas... the first area is shown above, and the second area has this office carpet in it. This is where Cole and I sleep on a blow up mattress on Severe Thunderstorm nights.
It's also where our washer/dryer stay
The only shower in the house is in the basement. The main level bathroom only has a bath tub.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cole and I went to the horse races here in Columbus with our new friends Ben and Kari Spicer. They just moved here and actually moved into our old apartment because we just moved into a beautiful house that has a basement! Basement is the key word here....
Ben and Cole both work at Becton Dickinson together.

Me and Kari Spicer at the horse races

The lovely Couch family. From left to right, top to bottom: Amanda, Dan, Amy, Stevie, Johnny, Bradley.
Amanda is my Young Woman in Young Women's. I am the first counselor in the Young Women's presidency.
Christmas Card 2011. This is a rough draft of our picture. We went with the Couches to take these pictures because we both want corn field Christmas cards this year. Amy Couch wasn't too pleased with how their pictures came out.... we might end up back in the fields for round two.
Me and Cole at the Winter Quarters Temple in Omaha. We go there once a month and make a whole fun day out of the temple. We usually go to the temple, go shopping, and out to dinner --mainly at the Cheesecake Factory :)
This was a sight I saw coming back from Omaha one day. We ran into a group of farmers driving their tractors on the side of the freeway. It was unlike anything I've ever seen.
Me and Dottie at Girl's Camp 2011 in Iowa at Little Sioux Scout Camp. I got a call from our Branch President one week after we arrived in Nebraska asking me to go to Girl's Camp. Three days later... here I was in Iowa setting up my own tent for the first time.
Streets turned into rivers after a complete down pour last week in Nebraska. Luckily the storm was not a severe one. I was especially grateful! However, this water is at least a foot deep!
Me and Cole in front of our new house. Christine and Dan came to stay with us the second night that we moved into this house. It was the best time. I think we stayed up til midnight just talking on the couches.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Makenna trying on my new ear muffs

Christmas Day talking to Elder Ryan Roche on the phone
Playing with Makenna on Christmas
Josh and Lauren while talking on the phone to Elder Ryan Roche
The whole family gathered around the computer as we talked to Ryan.

Lauren and Josh playing Xbox Kinect dance on Christmas Eve
Mom and Ashlyn posing at the end of the Newport Beach pier

Experimenting with my sort of new camera that may too fancy for my skills

Just above the "Y" on the back side of the mountain

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Skelton

Our Getaway car leaving the reception at the Flora's House
The grand exit

One of Cole's best friends, Derek Giving hugs after coming out of the temple

Cole's politician wave.... ha!
Too Cute! Love this little one!
Just hanging out before the reception started
Bring your dancing shoes

Individual pictures from the luncheon at Wind and Sea in Dana Point

The two cousins

She's a little cuddle bug